2022 Easter Scheme is back at home!

As I’m sure many parents are aware, due to the construction works at St. Francis, we have spent the last 2-3 years operating out of Heathfield school which has been fantastic and LUPS would like to give a massive thank you to all the staff for accommodating us.

However, the new extension and classrooms at St. Francis have been completed and LUPS are back at St. Francis for the first time since 2019! LUPS has been at St. Francis since the mid-1990’s and many of the older staff (and some of the parents!) have always thought of St. Francis to be the home of LUPS.

The leadership team have been given a tour of the new build prior, and the work done is fantastic and we are sure the children will really enjoy the new facilities. We would like to thank all the staff across the federation for their help and support over the past few years, especially due to the global pandemic, and we hope this Easter 2022 playscheme will see happy children going back to parents!

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